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Breitling Watches – Own a beautiful second-hand Breitling watch today.

The Breitling watch has its humble beginnings in Switzerland and owes its success to the chronograph.

A chronograph is like a stopwatch. In 1892, Breitling's chronographs were perhaps the best and most accurate time measures. In fact, the Brietling chronograph was so good it was quickly adopted by the military and police.

Brietling watches are best known today for their connection to the aviation industry. They had special timing and conversion rulers, unique to no other watch. These features allowed pilots to calculate their speed, fuel use, and distance. It was not long before the Royal Air Force, many commercial and business pilots -- and even astronauts -- started wearing them.

Breitling continued to issue more refined and technologically sophisticated watches to meet demand. Including the ground-breaking and ever-more accurate chronometer. Breitling is a world leader, and is the only major watch brand to chronometer-certify all its models.  

A Breitling watch is a wonderful timepiece with an unparalleled reputation for technical mastery and accuracy. Each one of our used Breitling watches is subject to our experts' quality checking -- so you can be sure your pre-owned Breitling will be of fantastic quality.

A famous model is the Breitling Emergency watch, and the Breitling Cosmonaught.

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