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The Rolex GMT Master, along with the Submariner and Daytona, is one of the most recognisable and desirable watches in the world. The Rolex GMT Master was released by Rolex in 1954 with the reference 6542 featured a luminous bakelite bezel insert and powered by the calibre 1036 automatic movement with GMT complication. The red/blue bakelite bezel was quickly replaced as it was easily cracked and in 1956 a metal bezel was introduced. The Rolex GMT Master evolved over the years to include the 1675, 16750, 16760, 16700, 16710 GMT Master II and 116710. The current versions of the Rolex GMT Master II include the 126710 BLRO Pepsi and 126710 BLNR 'Batgirl' - both of which are now only available on Jubilee bracelets. If you’re ready to invest in a pre-owned Rolex GMT Master or GMT Master II, contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions.





The Rolex GMT Master ref 6542 was released by Rolex in 1954 and originally featured a red/blue Pepsi bakelite bezel having been designed in collaboration is Pan-Am Airways. Specifically designed to to allow the wearer to track two different time zones, the GMT Master was issued by Pan-Am to their crews on long-haul flights. The GMT Master 6542 became know by collectors as the "Pussy Galore" having been worn by actress Honor Blackman in the 1964 film, Goldfinger. In 1959 Rolex released the GMT Master 1675. This model was in production until 1980 and throughout its life time was fitted with both the calibre 1565 and 1575 automatic movements and available with red/blue Pepsi bezel and all black 24 hour inserts. Rolex updated the design of the GMT Master in 1983 when it release the GMT Master II 16760. This new model featured a sapphire crystal and updated 3085 automatic movement with quickset hour hand enabling the wearer to track a third time zone. The Rolex GMT Master II 16760 became know as the "Fat Lady" or "Sophia Loren" due to its extra thick case design and was only available with red/black Coke bezel insert. Rolex produced the GMT Master II 16710 from 1989 until 2007. This model was available with all three bezel option, BLRO - red/blue Pepsi, LN - all black and red/black Coke. Early examples were fitted with T25 dials with tritium lume. GMT's after 2000 were fitted with 'SWISS MADE' dials which had SuperLumiNova hour markers and hands. Rolex introduced the GMT Master II 116710LN in 2007 which featured a black ceramic bezel and new 3186 automatic movement. The GMT hand on the 116710 also changed from traditional red to green. Want to know more about specific Rolex GMT Master models such as the Fat Lady, BLRO Pepsi and GMT Master II 16710 Stick Dial? We will be releasing in depth reviews on all your favourite Rolex GMT Master and GMT Master II models very soon.



Our collection of pre-owned Rolex GMT Master and GMT Master II watches include the 1675, 16750, 16700, 16710, 116710 and 126710. At Swiss Watch Trader we specialise in selling only the very best examples of the classic Rolex GMT Master and unless there is a valid reason, ALL GMT's will include their original boxes and papers. When buying any Rolex GMT Master or GMT Master II you need to ensure you are getting the very best example for the very best price. You should always look for a GMT that is complete with their original inner and outer boxes, warranty certificate or card, manuals, hang tags and if possible original sales receipt. A 'Full Set' Rolex GMT Master is always going to increase in value at a higher rate than an examples that are missing important items such as the original warranty certificate. It is also important to select a Rolex GMT that is complete with the boxes and papers that were originally supplied with the watch. Manuals will always be date stamped and boxes are specific to certain models and years. Another important item that should be included is the green hang tag as this should have a white sticker displaying the model and serial number - this is particularly important when trying to identify the bezel insert fitted to a GMT Master II 16700 and 16710 when new. Want to know more about buying a pre-owned or used Rolex GMT Master? We will be releasing an in depth guide very soon. Please get in touch if you have any questions about any of our new, used, pre-owned and second hand Rolex GMT Master II watches.

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