WHAT WE NEED to sell your watch




We aim to respond to all enquiries the same working day but replies can sometimes take up to 24 hours. In order for us to give you the best and most accurate valuation on your pre owned watch you need you to inform us in as much detail as possible what we can expect from your watch. We will need the make, model and model number. We don't necessarily need the serial number at this stage. We also need to know exactly what is included such as inner and outer boxes, warranty card/certificate, manuals, hang tags and any service history. It would also be helpful to know of any defects, no matter how minor. Check out our selection of Rolex watches for sale and pre owned watches to give you an idea of what we are looking for.



There are many option to sell your watch for a good price. Online auction sites such as eBay can lead to high selling prices for the most desirable watches, especially if there are multiple people willing to out bid each other. Of course if the watch isn't as desirable or the market is going through a slow spell then much lower prices may be achieved. Other options include selling on Chrono24 or to limit your risks, selling directly to a watch dealer. Selling to a watch dealer or jeweller may be the quickest and safest option but it is more often than not, the option that will achieve the lowest price. The option where the best possible price can be achieved with the lowest risk would be to enter into a contract where a watch dealer would sell your watch on your behalf on a "Sale or Return" or consignment basis.

Where you should sell your watch is a personal preference. Your decision may come down to price, timescale or geographical location. You could sell your watch online with eBay and Chrono24, in person as with Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree or directly to a watch dealer. Some things to consider when selling your watch are the risks involved and how much you will actually receive after any selling and postal fees. eBay and Chrono 24 will take a percentage of the selling price and only release the funds after the watch has been successfully delivered to the new owner. A watch dealer will generally release funds after they receive the watch and have done their check to confirm its authenticity and that its not stolen or part of an insurance claim. Selling your watch privately can often realise a higher price but there are risks involved.

Selling on eBay is safer than it once was. A private seller can sell any watch at any price and can choose between the traditional auction, Buy it Now or Make an Offer options. Any watch sold on eBay over £1500 will be required to be sent to the eBay independent authenticator. Once the watch has been authenticated then it will be sent to the new owner. Funds will then be release to the seller. The independent authenticator do not charge for their services but eBay will charge you a percentage of the selling price. There are often special offers for private sellers to list their watches but it is worth remembering that the higher the selling price, the higher the fees will be.

A jeweller that also sells watches can be an option when selling your used watch. High Street jewellers such as Goldsmiths, Beaverbrooks and Ernest Jones may not be in a position to buy your pre owned watch but small independent jewellers may be able to help. The prices they offer may not be what you are willing to accept though. Depending on the watch, the jewellers and their location, the prices you get offered may be considerably less than the market average. You have to accept that the jeweller has a physical location, staff and considerable overheads to factor into the price that are willing to pay. This may be the quickest option for you but its almost certainly the option whereby you receive the lowest price when selling your watch.

The simple answer is yes, you can certainly sell your watch online. You just need a mobile phone and an account with eBay, Facebook, Gumtree etc. Take some good quality pictures, maybe a quick video and upload to the appropriate app. Another way of selling your watch online is using Google to find watch dealers in your area that may be in a position to buy your watch. Most watch dealers in the UK will offer a free valuation service and offer a no obligation offer price. Swiss Watch Trader offers a free valuation and commission based selling service whereby customers can sell their watch at the very best price and receive the very best return with none of the risks associated with selling privately.

To achieve the very best price when selling your watch involves being as open and as honest as possible. Describe your watch in as much detail as possible. Make reference to the positives and well as the negatives as people don't like to be mis-sold. It's far better exceed your customers expectations by providing a watch that is in better condition than they were expecting than a watch that disappoints. The last thing you want is and unhappy customer demanding a refund on a watch that you have worked so hard to sell. When selling you a dealer a top tip is to give the watch a clean prior to any viewing. Use and old tooth brush with some washing up liquid and a little water. Clean around the bezel and the bracelet and make it look as clean and as unworn as possible. Also, do not wear the watch to a viewing. Put the watch in the box or a travel case. This may seam silly but a watch is a personal item and if you want the best price then its best not to produce a watch covered in any bodily matter.

There are always risks associated with selling your watch either online or in person. You just need to limit the risks by taking a few simple. When selling privately do not disclose your full address. Offer to meet any potential customers at a public place. However you may also want to consider a meeting place that is also relatively private. Hotel receptions are one option. They are reasonably quiet and most are covered by CCTV should something go wrong. It is also important to find out who your are dealing with before any meeting and certainly before any transaction takes place. When selling your watch online you will need to consider the risks associated with payment options. Scams are numerous and it's east to be caught out. Just make sure that funds have arrived before you release the watch and when dealing with PayPal, eBay or Chrono24, only send the watch to the address they have provided. Swiss Watch Trader offers a risk free alternative for selling your watch online. We will sell your watch for you and get you the very best market price. No risk and no fee. If the watch doesn't sell you don't pay anything. If the watch sells you will receive a greater price than by selling privately.